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Spectacular mountain scenery, the majestic Bison, bugling elk, the elusive wolf, expansive red rock country, daunting badlands, unique geologic and thermal wonders - all the things that make Wyoming a feast for the eyes and senses are the artistic subjects found in the galleries of Jerry Geist's Images of Wyoming. Visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Stand in amazement at nation's first National Monument, Devils Tower. Gaze over the valleys and plains to the distant snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Take a walk through ancient and beautiful canyons of the Bighorn Mountains like Shell and Tensleep Canyons. Or gaze out over the expanses of the Red Desert, one of several ranges of the great wild horse herds.

You can spend hours or days perusing the vast catalog of images from one of the last wild places in the American West, Wyoming. Visiting the galleries for the first time, you will have over 925 images spanning categories like landscapes of the Absaroka range, the Beartooth Mountains, the Bighorn Mountains, Yellowstone's landscape and thermal features, the badlands and red rock country that spans Wyoming. See special places like Castle Gardens, Devils Tower National Monument, the Black Hills, the tall cliffs and crystal clear waters of Lake Marie and Mirror Lake in the Snowy Range and haunting rock formations of Vedauwoo. See places where Chief Joseph led his people through the Clarks Fork Canyon country or see images of the home of the great mountain men in the valleys and mountains of the Windriver Mountains. Our images of the western landscape are truly historical and can set your imagination free.

Is your favorite subject wildlife. You will find no shortage of wildlife pictures that includes elk, mule deer, Black bears, coyote, wolves, fox, Pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and moose to name a few of the species. Like birds? Bald eagles portraits, Canada Geese floating on the placid waters of Yellowstone Lake in the reflection of the snow=capped Absaroka Mountains or flying in formation overhead during the fall migration, Trumpeter Swans stretching their wings in the waters of the Madison River, a green eyed Snowy Owl portrait, or Sandhill Cranes along the shores of the Gibbon River in the tall autumn colored grasses of their summer habitat. All these treats await the visitor who loves the creatures of the air.

Do you like the soft beauty and intricate detail of the flowers of the wild places? You can find over 60 wildflower images in our galleries. Images of Wyoming would be remiss without the state flower, the Indian Paintbrush, but that isn't all Colorado Columbines (the blue variety), but especially unique to Wyoming is the yellow Columbines of Snowy Range. The first flower of Spring the Pasque flower and Rocky Mountain Iris are two favorites, but you will also find images of Prickly Pear cactus and it round cousin the barrel cactus found throughout the high plains of Wyoming. Other varieties include Shooting Stars, wild roses, Pentstemon in the falling rain, Owl Clover, fields of locoweed blowing in Wyoming's ever present wind, fireweed adorning the forest floors Yellowstone following the fires of 1988, and beautiful close-ups of Stonecrop, phlox, and Indian Hat. In the wildflower gallery you can even find soft focus images that would adorn the most sensual and soft environments you could create. Look for the soft focus image of a butterfly in the fields of Arnica taken in the high mountains of Yellowstone's Mount Washburn. There is something for every taste in Images of Wyoming's wildflower gallery.

Perhaps one of the most popular galleries in the entire Images of Wyoming site is the Buffalo Gallery. This is Jerry Geist's favorite large mammal and has its own dedicated gallery. The gallery is broken down into three subcategories Environmental, Portaits, and the most popular, Winter Bison. See spectacular images of Bison covered in ice and snow. See the most popular Snowy Half Face Bison. You can also see its image on the News and Events page under the Gallery Opening section. It is a powerful, artistic rendition of this magnificent animal. See Bison babies and youngsters butting heads, practicing for adulthood. Huge bulls populate all three sections, but no shortage of images of the cows and youngsters in their springtime surroundings or wearing their gorgeous winter attire. In this section you will also find a very special piece called 'Tatanka and the Iron Horse - the Decimations Haunting Specter' This is a tribute piece to the decimation of the great bison herds with the coming of the transcontinental railroads to the American West in the mid- 1800's The piece won the 2006 Art Award and was used by the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce for a poster reproduction entitled "Looking the Future, Remembering the Past". This picture and the story of its creation can be found in the Featured Print section of the galleries.

Images of Wyoming is just the beginning place for pictures of this magnificent place. Be sure to check out Wyoming Panorama website at It is a specialty site dedicated to large format panoramas and one limited-edition print called 'The Teton / Snake River Panorama.' The print measures 20" high by 8 feet wide. This site will become the new home to a large collection of images now totaling over 100 prints strong. What has changed is the maximum size of the images. Panoramas of Wyoming has now reached a maximum size of 45 feet wide, with several in the 26 to 30 foot range. This stemmed from a personal project called 'Wild Eyes and Wide Views' The project depicts Wyoming's diverse scenery in large panorama prints with intimate, close-up portraits of the wildlife that habituates those various landscape environments. The project is nearing its final stages with only one large area of the state to complete work in, the Red Desert. Then the sizable effort of finding a venue to show the massive display. Imagine the space needed to display prints that measure from eight feet wide to thirty and forty feet wide or more. Watch for changes in the website in the future as it will be modified to accommodate all the panorama images of Wyoming. Purchasers of some of the large prints include such places as the University of Wyoming Foundation and Ivinson Memorial Hospital. Large panorama prints can also be seen at Deselms Fine Art Gallery in Cheyenne, WY and Framemaster Gallery also in Cheyenne.

Check out the new News and Events page on the site for all the latest images about Jerry's travels, gallery openings, magazine articles and shows and don't forget to subscribe to newsletter notifying you of major changes and additions to the site.

We just posted over 275 new images to the galleries of Spend some time checking out the latest entries. Lots of new images from Yellowstone winter trips and new wildlife images including wolves, badgers and fox.

It is easy to bring the spirit and scope of Wyoming's landscape into your own living space with original fine-art photography by Jerry Geist. You can purchase images on line through our secure server or just send a note to Jerry Geist to talk to him personally about you particular needs. He continues to shoot full=time and dozens of new images are added to the galleries a couple of times a year, so if you don't see it now, keep checking back with Images of Wyoming or call and see if your subject is available and just hasn't made it on line. From Images of Wyoming you get award winning photographic art, hand crafted by Jerry himself. Visit us today at or

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